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When you are looking to develop an outstanding Website or redesign your existing Website connect with Invizon. Our Website design & development team is here to help.


Invizon is a full service website design & development company dedicated to creating user-friendly websites that reinforce branding, increase site traffic, and strengthen customer loyalty. We create attractive, professional website designs that allow users to quickly find the needed information. Our Website designs are eye-catching and use appropriate placement of content.


No matter what your specific website design & development needs may be, Invizon can provide a compelling solution for you. From complex enterprise class websites with content managements, to important eCommerce websites, to small business Websites and/or micro sites and landing pages for use in email promotions and social media consulting and application development – we reinforce and maintain distinctive brand identities with our website design & development processes.


Invizon’s Website Design & Development Process

Our website design & development strategies are uniquely tailored to meet your organization’s specific objectives. Our services include design consultation, branding, user interface, visual design, custom programming, and application development. Our more than 14 years of expertise and thousands of completed projects ensures quality, competent and rapid execution of any web projects – from small websites to large enterprise portals.




This stage guides Invizon’s Website design & development team through analyzing your goals, industry, current site and colleagues. We become experts in your objectives leveraging our expertise in Design, Technology and Marketing. We endeavor to understand the strategy behind the Website and value it will create for the end user. Internally, we assign a team who understands the direction, milestones, and deliverable’s to exceed your needs.




This stage guides Invizon’s website design & development team through the Visual Interface and Architect of the site. Presenting you with a set of Black and White Sketches of the Home Page and Sub Page, along with a sitemap. The client will have the ability to provide feedback, adjustments to navigation or select certain elements in each of the sketches so that the team can move forward to COLOR PROOFING with approved navigation and interface direction.




This stage guides Invizon’s website design & development team based on the DISCOVERY and CONCEPT. Invizon will work closely with you, presenting a color mock-up of the Home Page and Sub Page. Invizon will use colors, fonts, and layouts of the interface based on your feedback in the previous phases. In COLOR PROOFING we are happy to make any necessary tweaks and quickly move forward to PRODUCTION.




This stage guides Invizon’s website design & development team to create and optimize the graphics in HTML format and testing the site’s ability to meet your technical specs, such as targeted platform, browser, database functionality, and any other specific technology you will be using. Once Prototyping is complete, Invizon will begin the Website production phase. We will define all the elements that need to be designed, created and programmed based on the sitemap from the CONCEPT. When production is completed we can launch the site. All phases of development are executed in-house, creating a more comfortable and strategic relationship with the client.

 You surpassed every time expectation to our advantage, and found solutions to every issue we raised. I cannot begin to thank you enough. I look forward to several more collaborations.

Brad / Wisconsin

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