Still Photography & Product Images

Your mother was right!  First impressions are everything. Right or wrong, the quality of your images greatly influence a customer’s perception of your product or service.  You may produce the world’s best “widgets”, but if you market them using low quality photographs the world will assume your products are of low quality as well.


How does your service stand out?

We offer retouched portraits and headshots to discriminating clients that understand the importance of a professional image in today’s social media driven workplace. Invizon works with clients that are confident in front of the camera as well as those that would rather have teeth pulled than have their photo taken. We try to offer exceptional service at a reasonable price.


Studio headshot services include:

  • Linkedin Headshot Specials
  • Corporate Professional Headshots
  • On-Location Corporate Headshots
  • Actor Headshot Sessions
  • Model Headshots


Despite our focus on engineering, we know that looks do matter – both in terms of the image you present to the world and the ease of use that good graphic design can lend to the user interface of a software product. Our portfolio contains examples that showcase our graphic and human interface design skills.

 You surpassed every time expectation to our advantage, and found solutions to every issue we raised. I cannot begin to thank you enough. I look forward to several more collaborations.

Brad / Wisconsin

Benefits of Product Photography

Match the needs of your trading partners
Our image quality and dimensions meet industry standards, which fulfills the needs of your trading partners. We can take professional digital images of your products.


Simple and straightforward
Product images taken by Invizon  can be supplied via email or via secure, web-based file exchange. If you are a Smart Media user, we can simply upload images straight into your catalog for immediate access by all of your trading partners.


Cost effective
We offer competitive pricing on our photography services, and savings for photography value packs.


High quality
Our photographers ensure product images adhere to guidelines for image colour and quality. Retouching is as seamless and undetectable as possible, with the aim to be convincing at a minimum of 200% magnification. Product blemishes, expiration and best before dates are edited for maximum quality.

Questions about your project?