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HTML5: Building Your Business Site on a Solid Foundation

Every once in a while, something comes along that sets the web design and online marketing communities ablaze with hope and discussion, leaving the rest of the business world to wonder if it is really as big a deal as we think. In the past, industry insiders have been the first ones to get excited about trends like search engine optimization, pay per click advertising, and social media.


Now the same thing is happening with HTML5 programming.

If you have not heard of it, or are not that familiar with the term yet, you certainly are not alone. HTML5  programming is still evolving and developing – just like everything else on the Internet – but there is plenty to be excited about. Why? Here are just a few of the things that we as HTML5 developers will be able to do with HTML5 programming and HTML5 web apps  that either were not possible in the past, or could not be done as effectively:


Faster, more consistent loading across web browsers.

Since HTML5 programming essentially means a new “language” for Internet browsers to speak, improved communication between sites and browsers means fewer problems developing pages that load and work the way they are supposed to. After you upgrade to HTML5, you do not have to worry as much about whether your customer likes PC’s or Macs, or whether they are logging onto your site from the US or overseas.


Better integration of content, like video and articles.

With new tags, HTML5 developers will not need so many plug-ins and workarounds to supply visitors with the content and messages you want to deliver to them. This means we will all be able to do a little bit more at a little lower cost than we were able to before. HTML5 programming examines and categorizes content in new ways and unique tags, making it more useful to designers, business owners, and even online shoppers.


Improved search engine optimization performance.

Having more tags for different kinds of content means that search engines will have an easier time helping users find both the subjects and media types they are looking for. If that sounds like it is going to make SEO more complicated, you are looking at it the wrong way. In the long run, tools that HTML5 developers can use in HTML5 programming will make it easier for the customers that were looking for companies like yours to find you. With better content recognition, your targeted articles, headlines, images, and videos will be easier than ever to find.


Better error handling.

If you have ever had the frustrating experience of hitting a “dead end” somewhere on the Internet, you know that better handling of errors could be beneficial. More to the point though, is that you do not want broken links, missing plug-ins, and other issues on your website to affect a customer’s ability to buy from you – yet another reason to look forward to HTML5 programming.

Although HTML5 programming is still undergoing some growth, it is here and working right now. In other words, you do not have to wait to take advantage of the best HTML5 web designers and enjoy these great benefits for your small business website.

 You surpassed every time expectation to our advantage, and found solutions to every issue we raised. I cannot begin to thank you enough. I look forward to several more collaborations.

Brad / Wisconsin

What Will HTML5 Programming Changes Mean for Your Business?


The time to start thinking about upgrading your site to HTML5 programming is now. Why? Because once all your competitors know about it and are hiring HTML5 coders, you have missed the chance to get ahead of them in your online marketing efforts.


HTML5 programming is not just about having the “next best thing,” it is about improving the performance of your company’s website and opening it up to more and more potential buyers from around the world. As browsers are quickly becoming HTML5-compliant, it is going to be those businesses who are early adopters that see the biggest benefits. That is because online or offline, having an established flow of customers or traffic makes it that much harder for anyone else to catch up to you. That’s why getting a good HTML5 web designer on your side is something you should do sooner, rather than later.


One final thing every business owner and marketing manager should know is that HTML5 programming is compatible with everything that came before. In other words, upgrading your site to HTML5 does not mean throwing away all that you have done before, but simply making it more efficient than it was in the past.


Considering upgrading your business website to HTML5? Contact the HTML5 web design experts at Invizon today for a free consultation. We will look at your website, find out whether HTML5 programming is a good option for you, and show you how to update it without disrupting your business or taking your eCommerce site offline.

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