How We Work

Our process is simple and straight forward


Our Process is Simple and Straight Forward

Invizon is passionate about creating a web-design and development solution for your business. We believe that how we work really reflects that. We create websites that are effective and efficient. We never forget that usability and the utility of a website, determines the success or failure of it. Whether your site is an e-commerce store, news blog, or a content driven web site, Invizon will help you achieve the online presence you deserve. Our services not only include web design, but also custom programming, web applications, eCommerce, database development, WordPress and much more. Many people don’t realize the effort that it takes to make a successful website. At Invizon we do. It is how we work.

Our Process provides High-Quality Results and Customer Satisfaction

By taking the time to get to know you and your business we lean more about what really matters to you. that is how we work at Invizon. This sounds rather simple, but it is often missed. Your user interface is something that is important to us. Our clients are very satisfied with the quality of work we are able to and that we can focus on delivering results!

We Speak English, Not Techie

When you contact Invizon, you speak to as a business minded Account Manager, not a developer or programmer. Our experts get involved in the process when we need them. Some of our clients have switched to Invizon because they were sold packages that they would not have come close to taking full advantage of. That is how we work at Invizon.

We Help you Implement what will Work Best for You, your Strategy, and your Business

Our goal is to help you make a well-informed decision based on all of the technology available to you. We are dedicated to working with you to ensure that you achieve results. Our team of professionals works with you and your team to identify your goals and any unrealized opportunities. At Invizon we believe that how we work helps your business reach its goals. Your success is important to us!

 You surpassed every time expectation to our advantage, and found solutions to every issue we raised. I cannot begin to thank you enough. I look forward to several more collaborations.

Brad / Wisconsin


  • Discuss

    First off: let’s meet up and get to know each other. From our early meetings and research, we'll establish our communication procedures, milestones and timelines, roles and expectations.

  • Plan

    Next we brainstorm, and get our creative juices flowing. We research your competition, look through books, browse the web, read articles and begin to develop the seeds that will later grow into your new marketing tool(s).

  • Design & Development

    Once the design is approved by you, we’ll start on the development and production of the site. All of our websites are highly cross-browser compatible, fast loading, and search-engine-friendly. Upon your approval of the site layout, we’ll begin the programming phase of the project.

  • Testing

    When all of the web programming has been completed, we will review and test the entire website with you. Finally, we'll do a thorough audit and the finishing touches will be completed in preparation for launch.

  • Launch

    When everything has been tested and approved, your training has been completed, and the final balance of the project has been received. We will launch the new website and everyone can celebrate! Once launched, we’ll be standing by to handle any requests, additions or enhancements for the life of your website.

  • Promote

    We will work with you to enhance and grow your online presence, improve your current digital strategy and ensure that your website is an effective, lead-generating marketing tool.

Lets get started!