Giving Back

We believe it is important to contribute back to the community

At Invizon, we believe that giving back  to the community is important. Our consultants and staff have been active in the community, both in a professional and personal capacity over the years giving back to the community that we love. This includes serving in non-profit organizations, sharing information at community events, and providing training.

Over the years, Invizon has donated time and services to worthwhile causes and organizations in the area. Invizon believes that giving back to the community creates a spirit of sharing and caring that ensures organizations, students and other individuals in need are helped. Giving back to the community is a real priority at Invizon.

A HUGE thank you to two new Merrill businesses. Invizon and Riverwood Educational Service. who graciously donated there time and services to build and maintain our new Website

Linda Becker / Merrill City Band’s conductor

Invizon has been building Web-based software solutions since 2006 with two fully staffed development centers located in Wisconsin. We are data and content management specialists. We engineer software, apps, and websites for everyone: from large universities to boutique advertising agencies, multinational corporations to small business and non-profits.


We bring traditional software engineering methodology and discipline to Web development – delivering robust solutions quickly and efficiently at lower cost. We respect deadlines, understand budgets, and stand by everything we develop.


Despite our focus on engineering, we know that looks do matter – both in terms of the image you present to the world and the ease of use that good graphic design can lend to the user interface of a software product. Our portfolio contains examples that showcase our graphic and human interface design skills.


At Invizon we use Lean development practices implemented by a micro-team consisting of engineers, programmers, developers and designers. Your benefit – more value AND lower risk.

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