WordPress AMP


WordPress AMP


WordPress AMP, as Google begins to give preference to Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP), websites running on WordPress will be pleased to know that a speedier mobile web experience is just a plugin away.

Automatic released a plugin this week that adds support for the Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) Project, the open-source initiative aiming to provide mobile optimized content to consuemrs.

With the plugin active, all posts on a site will have dynamically generated AMP-compatible versions, accessible by appending /amp/ to the end of post URLs. For example, if a post URL is http://example.com/2016/01/01/amp-on/, you can access the AMP version at http://example.com/2016/01/01/amp-on/amp/.

If you do not have pretty permalinks enabled (highly recommended), you can do the same thing by appending ?amp=1, i.e. http://example.com/2016/01/01/amp-on/?amp=1.