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It’s becoming quite known that business buyers are bringing their lofty e-commerce expectations with them when deciding which vendors, distributors or service providers they’ll work with in their professional roles – causing many B2Bs to provide more consumer-like websites (and capabilities) as well as personalized marketing to meet those expectations.

For the latter, many enterprises are successfully remembering customers across channels, targeting them there with personalized messaging and even altering Web pages based on demographics, behaviors and other available data. Doing so, however, takes resources (time and money) that not all businesses have or can access due to, for example, the lack of executive buy in.

The demand for a more personalized customer and buyer experience, however, is at its peak – especially in the B2B space according to UserIQ Co-Founder Aaron Aycock who says that today, people remain loyal to companies that provide continuous and optimal value.

Aycock’s company, UserIQ, helps software-as-a-service (SaaS companies) engage with users ‘in the moment’ by allowing customers to track everything their users are doing inside Web and mobile applications and append any type of data, such as demographics and CRM insight.

“By providing deeper intelligence into feature usage within a company’s software application, companies that deploy UserIQ can enhance their platform’s usability and craft more personalized messages based on the insight gathered by UserIQ,” said Aycock.

For instance, by deploying in-app guided tours, personal messages, surveys or call-outs, SaaS subscribers can experience the unique, personalized engagement that they have come to expect from brands, all made possible by UserIQ’s solution.

In fact, one of UserIQ’s customers (a leading medical job board) recently said that within less than 24 hours of using UserIQ’s in-app messaging, they improved their survey click-through rate by 20 percent and garnered more completed responses than they expected in a month.

Regardless of personalization solution chosen, B2Bs should understand the time is now to act on user insight to provide a more relevant experience.


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