Invizon Web Design and Development Expands to Wausau, Wisconsin

Invizon Web Design and Development Expands to Wausau, Wisconsin

Invizon Web Design and Development Expands to Wausau, Wisconsin

Invizon Web Design and Development, based in Viroqua, Wisconsin since 2006, is pleased to announce the opening of their new branch office located at 2004 Highway U, in Wausau, Wisconsin. Founder, Kevin Sather, does not take the expansion for granted. A strong work ethic and a commitment to customer satisfaction has allowed the company to grow in spite of the economic challenges in the U.S.

Invizon is a full-service web design and development company that provides application, ecommerce development, and web marketing solutions. It consists of a team of developers and designers that work with clients – large and small, local, national and international. Invizon’s adaptability and understanding of its clients’ needs have enabled start-ups, existing businesses, and organizations to improve user manageability, increase website presence, and increase marketing success.


Devoted To Our Clients

Invizon is devoted to helping their clients create websites with rich internet applications that employ  optimized clean code. “We create usable, well-balanced web designs,” said Sather. “Our success stems from the use of best practice, web analytics, and experience which results in rapid, visible improvements to website traffic, conversion and retention. Invizon’s web-based project management system offers superior organizational and collaboration capabilities that keep track of project discussions, files and events. This management system enhances communication with our clients and their representatives, enabling them to keep abreast of work site activities and results.”

Invizon strongly believes in “function over form” which meets clients’ needs for user accessibility, manageability, integration of existing and new web site services; in addition to outstanding visual appeal.The Invizon staff of developers and designers have extensive backgrounds in web-based strategies, design, ecommerce, print, and web development.

If you are looking to take your business to the next level, or launch a multimedia campaign that generates revenue, set your sites on Invizon Web Design and Development. Strategic, creative and effective web development.

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