3 Simple Analytics Optimize Websites

3 Simple Analytics Optimize Websites

3 Simple Analytics Optimize Websites

Want Your Website Bringing in Traffic With Every Click?

Discover three simple ways to optimize your website with analytics.

Every day a site is born. Thousands of your competitors are racing to get the best return on investment (ROI) out of their site visitors and increase business daily. You’ve worked so hard to make your website a marketing tool that is user friendly, sexy and serviceable. But your conversion rates still aren’t reaching the Mount Everest of success. Why? Have you actually found out concrete data indicating when site visitors are dropping out of the conversion process, which aspects of your SEO need improvement? How to target your clientele with customize UI for each of them?

Here are 3 simple ways you can start addressing your site visitors’ needs more accurately to get the results you really want with Web analytics reports.


When was the last time you checked your site from the inside out, the good, the bad and the ugly?  Do you really know who’s coming to your site, where they’re coming from, and how to identify profitable site visitors? If you haven’t been doing this regularly, you might have the answer to why you’re not really getting the traffic you’re hoping for. Using Visitor Profile reports you can catch you can identify visitor data:

• Click paths

• Page views

• Visitor activity: whitepaper downloads, brochures, free trial downloads, etc.

• Geographic location

• Languages

Knowing all of this data, you can customize your website experience for visitors, identify what products interest them and which pages they are visiting and ultimately increase conversion rates.

The visitor reports present statistics on visits based on geographic region, number of visits, number of pages per visit, average time spent on the site, percentage of new visits from the geographic region, and the bounce rate to help you identify where to invest your advertising efforts.


Listen, marketing is great and so are affiliate sites, but how on earth would you know which customers are coming to your site to make it ideal without tracking your campaign traffic? Using a tool to identify how your site is bringing in traffic, who’s completing forms, downloading your brochure, where they’re from and identifying at which stage visitors are leaving the shopping experience are all crucial.

If you’re not doing this already, you should. You’ve invested so much money in working with advertising, banners, CPM, CPC, C3PO! Come on. Give yourself a break and try and pinpoint where you’re getting the breadth of your traffic from and how to optimize campaigns. You can create goal conversion funnels to understand and track previous site visits, ad-hoc campaigns and maximize conversion by understanding which images, design, content and colors are reeling in the sales.


Don’t you want to know what your customers want? Sometimes the simplest thing to do is just to ask. With a great survey tool you can ensure all of your customer’s needs and wants are heard. You can even go as far as prompting them to answer the next question depending on their answer. For example, “Did you find what you were looking for today?” and if they answer “No,” you can prompt them to answer, “What was it that you needed or came to our site for? How can we make the experience easier for you?”

Finding out exactly what clients want is the key to increasing conversion and traffic. Not only can you identify how clients are responding to your site, but also find out what they’re looking for and how to make the user experience efficient and profitable. You can target all questions to specific segments, and no need to worry about technical implementation.

Really it’s all about getting a grip on your site – not letting it get a grip on you. If you’re in full control of its activity, performance and able to get the data you need to get the most out of your website, you’re already ahead of the game.