Why Choose Invizon as your web development company?

Why Choose Invizon as your web development company?

Why Choose Invizon as your web development company?



Invizon web designWe Bring Results! Over the years, Invizon Web Design has developed a team of individuals that have a sincere love for their craft. For us, designing and programming are more than just necessities of the job — they excite us, and we are always looking for new ways to explore and expand our experience. All of the design, programming, contenting steps of website creation are handled in-house. This allows a singular vision for the project to be maintained and reduces the uncertainty of subcontracting.

In the creative industry, there is never a shortage of opinion.

Design (both visual and verbal) is often considered to be subjective, so when it’s intended to further objective business goals, it’s only natural that different people would have different ideas on how to bridge that gap. Sharing opinions and ideas is an essential part of the process. “Collaborativity,” as we’ll call it, is collaboration driving creativity. However, for the results to be effective, that collaboration must be guided, not only by logic, context and purpose, but also by a few less tangible qualities.

About the company

Invizon Web Design and Development is a full-service web design company, created in 2006 by Kevin Sather and based in Viroqua, Wisconsin. The company is devoted to helping businesses create websites with rich internet applications, optimized hand-written code, well-balanced and distinctive web designs, and customized eCommerce development. Invizon strongly believes in “function over form” which meets clients’needs for accessibility and adaptability. Invizon is committed to listen and consistently deliver innovative web design and development solutions to their clients- individuals, institutional, corporate, municipal, national or international. We strive to be the Web Designer and Developer of Choice in the industry. Our pursuit of excellence and desire to exceed clients’ expectations are the values that empower Invizon to achieve its success.

Common questions asked by our clients

Why do I need a website?

A website is more than an advertising tool. Its functions include:

  • Pre-selling your services to prospects
  • Establishing a one-to-one connection with customers
  • Showcasing products / services / special knowledge
  • Building brand image with your unique design
  • Expanding customer service
  • Lengthening store hours to 24/7
  • Economically extending printed materials
  • Eliminating distance issues
  • Meeting peoples’ expectations of your web presence

Do you use offshore developers?

No. We never use offshore developers or designers. All of our work is completed within our offices by our Invizon team. This way we are able to control the quality and security of your website development. Many of our clients have attempted to have their sites built offshore but were greatly disappointed. We receive calls daily from people whose projects were not completed or completed wrong by oversea developers.

Will my website be cross-browser compatible?

Absolutely! All of the websites Invizon designs are tested with the most popular and newest versions of Internet Explorer, Chrome, Safari and Firefox browsers. We also perform browser detection and alter websites’ functionality to ensure compatibility with less capable browsers.

Should I have an entry or splash page?

No. There are many reasons why Invizon does not recommend an entry or splash page. First, visitors to your site will find it annoying to wait for a page to download and to “click here to enter.” This includes Flash intros. Second, most internet users find the “skip “intro” link as a barrier to the information they are seeking. Third, search engines give the greatest priority to your home page, and if the home page lacks needed search engine information, you are wasting a grand opportunity AND sacrificing precious site traffic. A web site needs to be easy and speedy for the visitor!