Why Your Business Needs a Blog!

Why Your Business Needs a Blog!

Businesses Need Blogs




I’ve read many online and offline articles about how business have succeeded solely because of their blog.  There is a ton of blogs online and just about all of them drive huge amounts of traffic to their business.  Here are a few reasons why:

1.) A blog brings you sign-ups

A blog allows your readers to learn a lot more about your services, products and business. When they enjoy your content, you establish dedicated followers (customers). and this creates a strong call to action to click through to your main site.  A blog provides many benefits to your business…to not have a blog would be crazy, for any business owner.

2.) You provide value beyond your product with a blog

A blog provides the perfect opportunity for you to provide a ton of value, well beyond the basic functionality of your product/service. A blog allows your customers to gain trust in you long before they even meet you.  I found that this is crucial to win trust and create honest engagement around topics.  Naturally people become interested in what it is that you do and want to find out what it is you are doing.

3.) You become personally recognized for what you do
A blog provides a viral recognition. I have learned that owning a simple blog, makes a HUGE difference. A blog allows you to build a relationship with others as a fellow blogger and not only as a marketer of a product. Sell without trying!  A blog allows you to create your very own goodwill.

4.) You can build a strong community
With a blog you can reach millions of potential customers daily, those who actually want to hear what YOU have to say…

5) Search engines love blogs!  
To get started with a blog, please contact us for an affordable blog design… a blog is the perfect addition to your website for so many reasons!

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