10 Uses for WordPress Other Than Blogging

10 Uses for WordPress Other Than Blogging

1. Project management system

WordPress can be an easy to use project management system if you work with a team of people who all need access to the same content. It can set up as a members only site to keep your material private.

2. Forum

People love community areas and WordPress can be used as a community site as well as a blog site. You can use it as a public forum or a private forum.

This is also a great way to do group coaching sessions.

3. Help Desk

You can set up WordPress as a ticket system so clients and customers can contact you with technical problems, order problems or any other thing that relates to your business.

4. Article Directory

Tired of fighting for placement on the big article directories? With WordPress, you can start your own directory. You can grow it as big as you’d like or just limit it to a few select authors. The choice is yours.

5. Auction Site

If you like sites like eBay or if you want to auction off websites or even physical products, you can set up your own auction site and let viewers bid on your items.

6. Storefront with e-Commerce

If you don’t want to use a commercial eCommerce site for your products, you can set up your own site with WordPress. There are many plugins and themes that you can use to accomplish this. One of the benefits to this option is it’s a one time fee for a great plugin instead of a monthly fee like some commercial sites charge you.

7. Membership site

Membership plugins are available for WordPress if you decide to go private, or you can have different levels of membership. Some are free and some will cost you a little bit of money. The paid plugins are usually the best option because most offer support if you run into problems with installation or other issues down the road.

8. FAQ portal or Q&A site (private or public)

WordPress is a great way to set up an FAW section or a Q&A site where others can ask you questions and have them answered. You can do this as a public site or as a member site.

9. Easy to use CMS (content management system)

WordPress is a great way to organize content, either for your own personal use or as community group or as a group of team members. WordPress really is easy to use and manage so this is a great way to line out your content in a systematic manner.

10. Client/Customer Management

WordPress can be used as an invoicing system and a way to keep up with your clients, customers and contacts. This is much like a Help Desk except you organize it for customers so you can manage them better.