Successful Facebook Marketing Tips And Tricks You Should Know About

Successful Facebook Marketing Tips And Tricks You Should Know About

Successful Facebook Marketing Tips And Tricks You Should Know About

Facebook is the largest and leading social networking and community online. It has over 500 million actice users and there is no sign that the number will stop growing. I am not surprised if it reaches 1 billion users in a few years to come.

With such a massive number of users, many business entrepreneurs are now including facebook as one of their main marketing arsenals. Many smart entrepreneurs are now using facebook for better exposure and for connecting with potential buyers.

Just think of it for a moment, if you could have just 1% of facebook’s users as your potential customers, you are looking at more than 5,000,000 potential customers – HUGE HUGE opportunity to get BIG exposure for your business, products or services.
So, if you have a business or services you want to promote, get on facebook.

Another great thing about this social community site that is worth mentioning is that you can choose to target specific groups or segments of people based on the information contained within their profile or based on age, location, gender, interests, hobbies or personal preferences. This will give you a very accurate demographic profile of your potential buyers.

For instance, if your product or service is tailored towards single mothers, you could plan and develop your ad campaigns so that they focus only on those who have indicated that they are single mothers in their profiles, or who have demonstrated interest in similar products or services based on their personal profile, communities or groups they have participated, or other ad campaigns they have responded to.

In other words, you can easily conduct market research in facebook so that you can accurately define your target market and develop your marketing campaigns that target specific segments of your market.
Words of WARNING: If you are promoting your business or products on facebook, make sure that your marketing messages stay within facebook’s guidelines so that you don’t offend or disrupt member activity or experience. You should use facebook’s built-in quality control system to develop your compelling marketing campaigns that stand out in the marketplace, and capture the attention of potential customers.
Remember that facebook’s users can also choose to rate your marketing campaigns or messages, hence helping you to maintain the quality of your campaigns throughout the community
. The key success factor here is to be attentive and interactive with your potential customers or users.

Another facebook marketing secret you should exploit is to target your marketing messages and campaigns only to those who are within your target demographic, while making sure that your campaigns messages and any images used speak directly to your customer base. You should also consider split testing your marketing campaigns within the facebook community to determine what works best, based on your industry or niche market.