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Web Design Services & Your Success

The services that a web design and development company offer are critical to your business’ success. At Invizon, we create websites that are effective and efficient. We never forget that usability and the utility of a website, determines the success or failure of it. Whether your site is an e-commerce store, news blog, or a content driven web site, Invizon will help you achieve the online presence you deserve. Our services not only include web design, but also custom programming, web applications, eCommerce, database development, WordPress and much more.

Our Website Success Principles 

1.  Don’t make users think – web  pages should be obvious and self-explanatory.  Our job is to eliminate the question marks –  the decisions users need to make consciously when navigating your website.

2.  Respect users’ patience – the less action that is required from website visitors the better. First time visitors want to explore and discover your services, not be forced into sharing personal data. Less is more.

3.  Direct users’ attention – the less questions marks visitors have, the better sense of orientation. To enhance user experiences and gain user trust, eliminate as much visitor thinking as possible. Keep it simple.

4.  Offer visually appealing functions – websites need effective functions to lead visitors through the site content in a very simple and user-friendly way. Our sites lead visitors in a simple and user-friendly manner.

5.  Provide effective content – writing for  the web is different from print. It is essential to adjust the writing style to meet users’ preferences, browsing habits, and optimized for search engines (SEO).

6.  Keep it simple  (KIS) – is the primary goal for our websites designs. Users are looking for information and ease of navigation. Present the information, give users choice of options, do not overcrowd.

7.  Communicate clearly – a “visible language” is important to connect with with users. We integrate the three principles of good website design all of our sites: organization, economy and communication.

8.  Respond & Adapt to multiple devices – our responsive and adaptive websites connect you with with your customers, wherever they are viewing your business and products – mobile, tablet,  laptop, or desktop.

9.  Adhere to needed conventions – web designs are continually emerging; complete with new approaches to old problems and new technologies. We do not forget  conventions that users expect. Functionality is king.

10.  Test frequently – testing is a critical part of our responsive web design process. We test our websites early and often to sidestep potential problems that interferes with the layout on any type of device.


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